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Music Therapy

Music Therapy Naturopathy

Naturopathy Music Therapy


Inclinic Programs

Clinical application of music therapy in either individual or group sessions is completely organised depending on their health requirements. After a detailed consultation, a particular piece of music is selected by the doctor either live or a recorded audio will be used.

It could be vocal or instrumental or sometimes may be a simple drum/chime/singing bowl. It is highly recommended for various health conditions like chronic insomnia, painful conditions, hormonal imbalances, stress, depression, Naturopathy, and children of special needs like autism, retardation, etc.

Corporate Programs

Corporate world is a major hub of various stress related ailments including autoimmune conditions, Naturopathy, unfortunately they have busy schedules but no much self rejuvenating methods hence music therapy can be of great help in maintaining a positive health.

Through corporate workshops and seminars we propagate simple tips regarding how to include music in their busy routine which benefits their overall wellbeing.


Educational Sessions

Its been astonishing to receive positive response from the students when we conduct interactive sessions based on the rich heritage of Indian music from its various states and regions.

Another part of these workshops is to help create an awareness about identifying our own rare musical instruments which is the need of the hour. Naturopathy, Its also important to discuss with educational heads and faculties and the students regarding the benefits of music therapy in their field.

Music Concerts

We conducts Carnatic music concerts/ devotional music programs/ light music and bhajan programs/ Raga based old cinema and ghazal programs for various occasions where entertainment is also combined with lecture demos on music therapy.