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We know that if we eat the right food, in the right quantities, at the right time, our digestive system will remain healthy. Pathology tests can verify the efficacy of our bodily functions. But how does one keep in shape an invisible system? Our ENERGY SYSTEM? Our energy system helps us process prana, chi, ki, or the life force. Like food, air or blood, it flows through our body, is processed and transformed before leaving us.

All emotions flow from two basic emotions; LOVE and FEAR. If we are feeling distressed, upset, guilty, angry, irritated or resentful, we can safely assume that energy is leaving our body in fear. If, on the other hand, we are in a joyful, contented, vibrant mood, we are processing our energy lovingly.


By the time we are adults, we have become outwardly poised, calm individuals, in control of our surroundings and expert at keeping our emotions in careful check, in fact by suppressing all the negative emotions/feelings!!

Where do we hide our feelings? We repress them within…. in various parts of our body. ANGER hides in our liver, ruining our digestion and creating acidity; RESPONSIBILITY sits heavy on our shoulders; INABILITY OF LET GO OF THE PAST or HURT AND RESENTMENT causes constipation; FINANCIAL INSECURITY might cause us discomfort in our lower back, etc. Although these might seem like generalizations, they are the emotional components of our physical aches and pains.

Will we take responsibility for our emotional health? All negative thoughts are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. By learning a simple routine based on ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE/REFLEXOLOGY principles, tapping certain parts of our face, hands and foot, etc, the end points of energy meridians, these disruptions can be fixed- often within minutes.

With awareness, we can lift ourselves out of irritation, restlessness, anxiety, fear and more. We can equally let go of long-term hurts and bitterness. We can manage stress, which needlessly saps our energy. We can also heal physical aches and pains with the same tool.

Once we begin emotional management, we will begin to feel empowered. We will live in the present moment free of past burdens and future worries. We will learn the meaning of emotional freedom.

bestresults of Naturopathy

bestresults of Naturopathy