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About Us

As a Naturopath, I always believed that merely the absence of illness can not be called as health and Health is much beyond the dimensions of physical elements, its the balance of physical, mental, Naturopathy, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing. When people heard of Naturopathy, mostly they thing about being in a health resort totally avoiding all the routine work, taking taking either fasting or raw vegetables and fruits, various types of treatments including massage, hydrotherapy , mud baths, etc.

Infact doing all the above is necessary to detoxify one’s systems; but in Niraamaya i wanted to incorporate Naturopathy for people who are suffering from various disorders without missing their work/routine.

Here I have formulated a rejuvenation concept which does not require any type of crash diets/hospitalizations. This is for the city residents who wants to enjoy natural drugless therapies and modulate their diet without having to change/avoid their favorite foods! This approach is giving very good results in various illnesses. Naturopathy, Apart from clinical practice i also started creating awareness among general public about myths of vaccination, food combination, adverse effects of chemical drugs, surgeries, and the benefits of lifestyle modifications through workshops and seminars.

One particular incident in my childhood strongly made me believe in later parts of my life that music, especially Indian classical music has dimensions beyond cultural entertainment. Naturopathy, I belong to a family of musicians and it was compulsory for us being kids to practice music every evening at least for an hour while my father accompanied us with Mridangam and my brother on violin; and soon after this session i could feel that we could communicate better with each other, forget all the stress, concentrate better on studies, the whole atmosphere would turn positive with the healing vibration of music; this was the foundation i had in my growing years which insisted me to pursue music therapy once i started my journey of holistic medicine/ drugless therapies. SVARATHMIKA is the outcome of lot of research in the field of indian classical music and the healing effects of ragas and rhythms patterns and compositions which would not only heal various health conditions but also work wonderful for stress relief and in the lines of preventing various chronic disorders.