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30 Days Health Challenge

30 Days Health Challenge

30 Days Health challenge

Day 1: Chew your food 30times minimum

Day 2: Don’t eat past 7pm

Day 3: Eat Vegetables at every meal

Day 4: Cook a heath dish at home

Day 5: Focus on posture

Day 6: Laugh and smile often

Day 7: Take the stairs whenever possible

Day 8: Walk to work

Day 9: Sleep for 8 hours

Day10: Stretch

Day 11: Avoid salt

Day 12: Avoid sugar

Day 13: Drink only water

Day 14: Eat what your body is asking for

Day 15: Eat 6 small meals a day

Day 16: Find a supplement

Day 17: Give up weighing yourself

Day 18: Don’t deprive yourself

Day 19: Avoid Trans and saturated fats

Day 20: Drink herbal tea

Day 21: Try a new exercise

Day 22: Buy a new herb plant

Day 23: Don’t eat processed food

Day 24: Use an SPF

Day 25: Take a cold shower

Day 26: Take food high in fibre

Day 27: Eat until you are satisfied

Day 28: Don’t go shopping while hungry

Day 29: Eat whole carbs

Day 30: Mindful eating

Day 31: Meet your holistic therapy doctor



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