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Article on Music Therapy

MUSIC THERAPY is the unique application of music to enhance personal lives by creating positive changes in human behavior, it is an allied health profession utilizing music as a tool to encourage development in social/ emotional, cognitive/ learning, and perceptual- motor areas.

Music is effective because it is a non verbal form of communication , its a natural reinforce, its immediate in time and provides motivation for practicing non musical skills, Most importantly it is a successful medium because almost everyone responds positively to at least some kind of music

Music, through its feel, thoughts, and emotions enter the brain, gets converted into specific hormones(or biochemical substances) in specific quantities, which in turn move through the blood and gets converted into triphosphate energy residing in the mitochondria of our cells. Hence the quality of what you listen, what you feel, the quality of your thoughts and emotions directly affect the quality and levels of our cellular energy!!