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Article on “Health and Happiness”

There are four general determinants to good health: human biology, environmental stresses, lifestyle choices, and access to and appropriate utilization of quality holistic healthcare services. Good health can be preserved and compromised and declining health can be improved through the appropriate application of wellness information, drugless therapies and lifestyle changes.


People mistakenly believe that being healthy is only about exercise and diet, when there is much more. The awareness to wellbeing program goes a step further and encourages people to manage stress, improve sleep, drink water, food combinations, music as therapy, schedule daily quiet times, and take care of themselves from a “Whole person” perspective.


Today, as per modern medicine, 80% of illness are psychosomatic, those disorders and sickness originate in the mind and have a resultant effect on the body. As per ancient health wisdom, majority of our diseases arise from pain and misery. So, without taking care of emotions, all other treatments are incomplete. The emotions reflect badly on mind and life force and create disorders. As per eastern health wisdom, excessive anger damages the liver, excessive joy damages the heart, excessive suffering damages the stomach, excessive sadness damages the lungs and excessive fear damages the kidneys. All interruptions and distractions of the life force are true enemies and destroyers of health and happiness. All those that nourish and nurture the life force are true friends and supporters of health and happiness. Without realizing this fact, one cannot get true wellness.