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Article on “an Early Start”


This is when you will find the time for yourself which you never have enough of during the day. You will find it to be a period of peace and quite, when you will be able to sort out various things which you need todo without being distracted, because everyone else is asleep.

This an ideal time for morning exercises, yoga, meditation, reading, listening to music, etc will help prepare you for living the upcoming day to the max. Feeling lazy and a reluctance to get out of bedearly really are not an indication that you are tired. In my opinion, this shows that you don't really want to live your own life.

What's the point in getting out of bed, when it will be just the same depressing weather, the subway, traffic, work.... But what if, instead of this mentality, you realised another great day is is coming up, and your first thought when you woke up was "roll on the morning"? Admit it-- if you felt like this, getting up early would hardly be a problem. This is just simple logic. If you are living life to the full, you will want to jump out of bed. Or viewed the other way round--- if you jump out of bed in the morning, life will begin to burn more brightly!!