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Article on “GREEN BLOOD”


"Happy cane", a sugar cane juice parlour near my home also offers wheat grass juice. Many of us are unaware what a boon it is to include wheat grass in our daily nutrition.

In the views of eminent dieticians wheat grass is an universal remedy for almost all the diseases. It contains all the minerals essencial for our body. It also contains vitamins A,B,C,E and K. The most vital ingredient of wheat grass is chlorophyll.(close resemblance to a substance known as "hemin" present in human blood).Hence, wheat grass juice is popularly known as Green blood!

Only 1Kg of wheat grass supplies nourishment that is available from 23Kgs of carefully chosen vegetables.

# Magnesium activates 25-30 enzymes in the body.
# Enzymes and gastric juices are beneficial to the digestive system.
# Almost all vitamins except Vitamin D and B12
Vit A- Vision, healthy skin, immunity, formation of blood, normal growth.
Vit C- heals cuts and wounds, boosts mood
Vit E- blood vessels, heart and skin.Sexual efficiency.
Vit K- blood clotting
B17(Lactrile)- helps fight cancer.
# Chlorophyl:
* Detox
* Improves Haemoglobin levels
* Good for digestive system including the liver functioning
* Safe and no side effects
* Germicidal
* Prophylactic and curative.
# Minerals, proteins, fats and CHO.

The human blood is of alkaline nature and the proportion of hydrogen molecules (pH) in it is 7.4. Similarly wheat grass is also alkaline and its pH is 7.4 too, hence absorbed quickly through blood.

Diseases that respond to Wheat grass juice are--
@ Digestive system
*Indigestion, constipation, Acidity, Peptic ulcer, worms, throat infections, vomiting, flatulence, diabetis*
@Circulatory system
*Hypertension, Anaemia, Atherosclerosis, Internal haemorrhages*
@Respiratory system
*Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic cold and cough
@Reproductive system
*Impotency, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhea, burning urination
@Nervous system
*Parkinsons disease,Muscular tremor
@Miscellaneous Cancer, pimples, septic discharge from ears, weakness, insomnia, fever, osteo arthritis, Headaches, bleeding gums, TB,eczema, cuts wounds and burns, piles, vericose veins, obesity, viral infectionds including jaundice.
Dosage: 100gm/ 250ml
Other uses:
It can also be used as an external application for burns/wounds
Can be used as enema
Gargling in throat infection
Used with bathing water in skin conditions

It takes about 30 days of time to see the results of wheat grass juice in chronic conditions.